August 13, 2020

Wood Splitter by East World The Axe Wedge

East World

Chop Kindling Easier, Faster and Safer!

Whether it's the middle of winter or the middle of fire pit and BBQ season - we always need kindling. But if you're anything like us, wood splitting it can be hazardous to your health! In fact, and on a more serious note, if you have poor eyesight, elderly, have tremors, or disabled the idea of chopping small pieces of firewood can be quite terrifying.

But even if you can swing an axe, who doesn't like things to be easier and quicker - right?

... The Axe Wedge, Firewood Splitter by East World

Simply place your well-seasoned wood on top of the wood cracker and hit it with a 4lb sledge or regular hammer. Like a hot knife through butter the wedge slices off tidy pieces of kindling for your next fire. And if you need MANY baskets of kindling done in half the time, you can bolt the wedge to the ground and go at it with a heavier sledge! A little or a lot, big sledge hammer or small, The Axe Wedge is for EVERYONE and makes split wood easier, faster and safer.

  • The Axe Wedge 10 tall Wood Splitter Wedge
  • 6.5 Wide and 6.5 Deep
  • With 4 Bolt Holes (0.41) For Optional Mounting
  • 6lb Weight - Durable, but Portable Enough To Move Around
  • Comes Pre-Sharpened (sharpen ongoing like you would any axe)
  • Made from Solid 45 and A3 Steels
  • Kindling Tool Best Used with a 2lb-4lb Hammer
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

And Unlike wood splitters with round frames, The Axe Wedge Kindling Cutter is stronger, easier to sharpen and gives you the freedom to use any shape or size wood without it hitting the frame. Of course, giant tree stumps are out of the question - but you already knew that.

The Axe Wedge - Try it now, because why risk life and limb when you don't have to? more

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