July 12, 2020

PowerSmart Power Smart PS90 6 Ton Electric Log

PowerSmart PS90 2 years $251.10 120V, 60 Hz, 15A; splitting force: 6 Tons: cycle time: 22 S; motor Speed: 3450 rpm; log capacity: 10 diameter, 21 length; ….read more

Swedish Log Splitter by Smart Splitter

Smart Splitter $. Ease of use, Safety in mind, Ergonomic features, Low cost features, Effective Splitting ….read more

The Smart Splitter

Lucky Distributing $94.91 The Smart-Splitter is the splitter you have been looking for! Don’t worry about missing anymore. The Smart-Splitter clamps down on the wood, holding it in place so that it can be cut easily. Just place the splitter on the wood, lift the weight up and release. Its that easy! Features: Maximum length […]