March 29, 2020

Speedforce Manual Log Splitter Firewood Kindling Splitter for

If you need to create kindling for your campfire, wood stove, fireplace and you don't want to risk injury by using an axe, the log splitter is just what you need.

- Heavy Duty Manual Log Splitter and Kindling Axe
- It has been designed with safety in mind, no swinging of an axel
- The Forest Master Smart Log Splitter always hits its mark, with up to 14ton of splitting pressure
- The design and build quality is designed to last
- It is lightweight and easy to set up dismantle and stored
- The use of two blades doubles the efficiency of splitter logs as it increases the pressure points at both ends of the log
- The base blade can be used as a kindling axe by hitting wood with a hammer on top of the blade. This is much safer than using an axe to cut your kindling
- The heavy duty hammer blade is shaped into a thick wedge towards the top which allows the blade to easily open up the log when splitter
- A safety cap is also included that fits over the top of the base blade in order to prevent any accidents whilst the splitter is being stored.

Total height - 55 inch (1400mm)
Maximum wood length is 22 inch(560mm)
Recommand wood length is 16 inch (410mm)
Maximum wood length with bottom blade is 17-3/4 inch
Striking weight - 7.28 Lbs (3.3kg)
Total weight - 27.56 Lbs (12.5kg)
Drilling hole diameter - 0.79 inch (20mm)
Drilling hole depth - 4.7 inch (120mm)
Recommand height of base - 13.7 inch (350mm)
Packing size - 39 *8.2 * 3.5 inch
G.W. - 13.1 KG

The smart splitter is simple and easy to use. Both blades are always in contact with the wood when splitting which makes it a much safer and easier option than using an axe. 
Simply engage the axe into the log, lift the log onto the base blade and throw the weight down onto the hammer blade to split. more

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