July 12, 2020

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575 7Ton 15 amp 2Speed

Pow' R' Kraft
2-Years for defects in material and/or workmanship
This Pow'R'kraft 7-ton electric log splitter has a dependable 1,500 watt/2,300 watt output electric motor that runs on regular household current with a ground fault breaker that protects against overload. This incredibly designed 2-speed electric motor provides 4-ton force at faster speed and a 7-ton force at a lower speed, with the same single phase motor. As the wood is splitting it requires a high force (lower speed) for a short period, after the wood is split the higher force is not needed. At this point the operator can switch to lower force (faster speed). This electric log splitter will splits wood up to 20-inch long and up to a 12-inch diameter. ....read more

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