October 29, 2020

KABIN Kindle Quick Log Splitter Manual Splitting Tool

You don't need to be a burly lumberjack to keep your fireplace, wood stove or bonfire going strong with lots of well-cut kindling. The Kabin Kindle Quick is 12 pounds of solid cast steel that safely makes quick work turning logs into perfect kindling wood. There are no super sharp edges to worry about, its clever design uses pressure to split logs into kindling with minimal effort. And you won't even need to swing an ax. Just insert a log into the mouth of the splitter and use a mallet to pound it easily through the cutter - works even on hardwoods! It's so easy to use you'll want to take it with you to the cottage, the campground and in the RV. They're great around the home to keep your fireplace or chimeneas and backyard bonfires blazing their warmth. The Kindle Quick is easy to carry, thanks to the design of curved handles. And you'll be able to carry wood from the cutting site to the fire right inside your splitter. Its X bottom not only makes it super stable, it allows you to use the splitter like a box to carry your kindling where you like. The tall profile of the tool, along with the slanted setting of the alternating teeth allow it to handle long logs and spit them out at an angle, preventing jamming. The wide mouth allows it to accomodate even wide logs. If you prefer to keep your Kindle Quick in one place, you can affix it to a large stump or other anchor using the bolt holes in the base. The durable cast steel (stronger and less rust prone than the cast iron type) is finished with a handsome all-weather matte black finish, so it'll look great splitting wood for years to come! ....read more

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