October 29, 2020

Electric wood splitter


Electric Wood Splitter and Its Advantages

An electric wood splitter is a portable machine that is mainly designed to quickly split wood. What makes this

machine amazing is that it does not utilize gas; therefore, no harmful fumes are emitted. While gas-powered splitters are intended for outdoor use because of its size, the electric type is more portable and can be used in your shed, basement or garage. Investing in this type of machine is worthwhile because it is more productive than having to manually chop wood, especially if you need to burn around 2 -10 cords of wood yearly.

Electric Wood Splitter Advantages

• Compact and Lightweight – Because of its size, it is easy and convenient to maneuver when chopping wood. Likewise, the fact that it is compact and lightweight enables you to easily store it when not in use.

• No need for separate power supply - An electric-powered log splitter does not need a customized power supply

to keep it working. You can use the standard current in your household for it. It also works safely and quietly. Likewise, it is capable of completing the task in a quick manner so you can expect to save a substantial amount of time and energy.

• Safe to use - In comparison to a wedge, axe and maul that have the tendency to fly or break off and hit someone else if you use them improperly, the electric-powered log splitter is much safer to use. Because you can easily move it around for proper positioning, there is less risk of committing mistakes while using the equipment. This works in preventing any serious injuries.

When using the electric log splitter, it is important to remember that its productivity will depend on different factors. These include the wood’s hardness, its diameter and the machine’s splitting force.

A standard electric wood splitter can be expected to process anywhere from forty to fifty logs with a diameter of 12 inches within one hour. Its average price is within the range of $200 to $500. Those with more advanced features can cost higher. Note, however, that despite the high price of this machine, you can still expect to enjoy huge savings in the long run considering its productivity and efficiency. It allows you to enjoy great savings not only in terms of money but time as well. It is also environmentally-friendly, so rest assured that you can use it on a regular basis without causing a lot of harm to the environment.