March 29, 2020

EasyGoProducts Jack Axe Wedge Firewood Kindling Tool Cuts

Kindle Jack
Take wood splitting to a safer & easier level! Introducing the Kindle Jack, The best wood Cracker on the market! Unlike other log splitters, our wood cutter is uniquely designed to evenly twist & split kindling or firewood into 1”to ¼”piece Take the Kindle Jack Jr. Anywhere as a wood splitter for firewood or use the 4 bolt holes provided to mount permanently on a wooden block or any other flat surface. Not only is this log splitter perfect for a wood stove or for fire logs on a firewood rack but the Kindle Jack Jr. Is useful for camping, your fireplace, fire pit, pizza oven, sauna, barbeque or smoker. While a splitting Axe alone & other wood tools can be dangerous when chopping wood logs or fire wood, our wood chipper allows you to chop & split kindling fast, efficiently & safely. Get the most out of your log splitting with our unique & easy to use splitter, the Kindle Jack, The best wood Cracker. more

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